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Add beauty and elegance to your concrete project with our array of concrete colors and stains.

colored concrete in northern colorado

Colored Concrete In Northern CO

Concrete isn’t just grey anymore! We can color your slab in a wide array of shades to complement your home and landscaping. We will work with you to find the right color or stamped style to match your decor.

Color variations will occur when added onto, replaced, or poured at a different time next to existing colored concrete. Sometimes a crack may occur outside the control joint, but it is NOT recommended to try and replace this section due to the mismatching of color that may occur.



The Beauty of Coloring Concrete

If you ask most people what they think of about concrete, they are likely to give you boring answers. Many imagine concrete slabs to be dull, gray, and uninspired. These bits of building and foundation aren’t something to talk about or plan landscaping around. Except, these people are missing out on something we at A-Concrete specialize in: beautiful colored concrete.

Using our technicians knowledge with industry best practices, we can pour you concrete that comes in a wide array of shades to complement your home and landscaping. When picking the right color and hue to match your desired results, our team will work to address your needs as best as possible. The best feature of colored concrete? The variety. Our team can produce numerous unique colors meaning your concrete will stand out from peers and competitors, the little edge provided by a well thought out accent.

Colored concrete is the perfect addition to any project whether adding a natural shine to stamped materials or matching the existing colors of your area’s landscape.

Fort Collins Colored Concrete
Colored Concrete Patio Fort Collins

The Concrete Coloring Process

The coloring process of raw concrete occurs during the initial phases of laying a new slab. After laying the gray concrete, we can color using a variety of techniques.

First, we will either add a specific color to the mixing process within the truck. This option helps color the concrete before pouring and produces a more even finish throughout the entire slab.

The second option is applying a colored hardening powered to the slab once the concrete has already been poured. Our second option will spread across the entire surface of the slap but penetrates a little less deep under the top layer.

The coloring process can be customized and tailored to find a hue that works for you. At A-Concrete, Inc. we will work as best we can with the manufacturer provided shading and our mixing process to bring your vision to life. If you have a question about a specific color, we are more than happy to answer this for you and find the right shade or alternative that works!

Another great feature of colored concrete is the ability to add extra textures through stamping. These two features often go hand in hand across our projects. Where it is costly to lay a material like new brick, and such materials are not as durable, adding the right coloring and stamping is perfect for creating a finish you desire.

Caring For Your Colors

There are a few pieces to be aware of when caring for colored concrete. It is important for the consistency of your project that we pour all of your concrete at once, slab by slab. Variations in color can occur when concrete is poured at different times or on top of existing concrete. To combat this, our team will lay your colored concrete simultaneously to ensure consistency across the project.

Variation in colored concrete can also occur if you are adding a new layer or trying to cover cracks. Even when cracking occurs outside of the control joint, we recommend avoiding adding a new layer because again, this creates a difference between the shading.

To care for your colored concrete, we recommend adding in the proper sealers at the appropriate time. Similar to stamped concrete, a clear seal should be added approximately 28 days after the initial pour. This seal can be reapplied once every one to two years to maintain your color and hue for up to 20 years! Being in Colorado, we know snow does occur but deicing salts should be avoided, and fresh snow should be cleared as soon as possible. Concrete should be washed with a power washer and cleaned with mild detergent.

The beauty of colored concrete is its durability. With the right care and maintenance, it can maintain its shades and hues for years to come!


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