Concrete Repair in Loveland, CO

We offer a wide range of services for our clients. We strive to offer all things concrete and we are happy to share options with you based on your needs and budget.

What Is Concrete Repair?

We understand the frustration of many clients who have concrete with specialty issues. We often see projects where new concrete has been freshly laid, sometimes even in the past months or year, only to be improperly handled leading to damage. From cracks at the control joint to nasty chemical spills that leave discoloration and scarring, we have seen it all. Most of our concrete repair jobs stem from minor cosmetic issues that leave an eyesore on your property and a desire for quick results without a significant cost.

When working on these basic cosmetic issues and the types of concrete ailments we fix without replacing an entire slab, we often recommend concrete repairs. Cheaper than a replacement, the repair process cuts out demolishing and removing an entire slab. Instead, repairs focus on much of the surface level and control joints of your concrete to ensure the best aesthetics and structural integrity. We recommend concrete repair when faced with minor issues, and our technicians are always happy to walk you through the potential outcomes of any project along with our recommendations.

Assessing the Need To Repair Your Concrete

The question of whether to repair concrete or replace it entirely is a question customers ask. When considering which of these two options best suits your needs, there are a few factors to take into account.

Extent and depth of damage to repair concrete:

There are various damage issues that can exist across the surface of the concrete. Scratches, pockmarks, normal wear and tear, spalling, crumbling, or even stains can all be fixed pretty simply with repairs. When the damage extends further below the surface, we offer more sustainable options like replacement.

The structural foundation of the slab:

Whenever a slab faces potential damages to the structure, it can cause long-term issues for your concrete, buildings or landscaping. It is important to replace structurally damaged slabs in their entirety instead of offering quick fixes.

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Coloring or Stamping:

When dealing with cracks in colored or stamped concrete, there is a potential that repairing the cracked area with a filling will cause that section to be slightly off color from the rest of the slab. In these situations, we recommend calling us to discuss alternative options.

Every project is individualized, however. When considering the best for your project, get in touch and we can provide a customized option for you.

The Repair Timeline

The Repair Timeline

Depending on the extent of your damages, we can repair your concrete in a fairly short amount of time. A majority of the repair process involves removing the damaged or crumbling concrete, edging off the new areas for repair, and pouring the new concrete. By utilizing our expertise, it allows you the sound knowledge of knowing your project is done right the first time.

Although it may sound simple to repair concrete, we offer the correct tools and expertise to take care of your repair needs. While some services recommend do-it your self repair, the process can be much lengthier and time-consuming to complete on your own. Let us offer you an affordable solution to your concrete repair needs. We take care of the hassle while you enjoy the results!



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