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Heated Concrete Flooring


Heated Concrete Flooring: The Extra Warmth to Your Touch

With more buildings incorporating modern features and advanced abilities making it easy to lay intricate concrete flooring, now is the perfect time for you to added heated concrete to your home, work or landscaping. These systems are perfect in the Colorado winters for adding extra warmth to either interior or exterior surfaces as a means of keeping your feet warm throughout, managing building temperatures, or adding extra features to a patio for year-round enjoyment. The installation process is easy with our expert technicians and offers a great amenity to any home, office, or landscape.

At A-Concrete, Inc. we provide the best installation in Colorado, ensuring maximum efficiency for your heated floor year round. We are ready to add this feature to any new, and even existing, constructions in an efficient and affordable manner.

How Does Heated Concrete Work?

Heated concrete works in one of two ways. We either will lay tubes that pump hot water throughout your floor plan, or we provide electrical coil heating elements to best spread the warmth through your slabs. The beauty of heated concrete is that it often cuts down on the cost of forced-air and normal heating systems.

The temperature of your concrete is controlled with thermostats like many other systems, but the radiant heat stemming from your floors offers a much more succinct alternative to normal heating solutions. Since heat rises, your heated concrete floors don’t just provide comfort to your feet in the cold winters but also enhance your entire room. Our heated floors are a great alternative to traditional hot air systems. They cut out the cumbersome sounds made by blowing air and reduce the potential irritants normally carried by these circular systems.

Depending on the nature of your project and the scope of your existing conditions, we will help you determine the best options for which coil system to use. The size of the concrete, existing structures versus new foundation, and energy cost will all determine what option we pick. Rest assured knowing our experts will take the bigger picture into full account with every heated concrete project to ensure the best return on investment.

Even if your current floor is made of concrete, we can always work around this. No matter the project we have the right options whether laying a new floor or placing thin mats of concrete with built-in coils to heat your space. We can meet a variety of needs to provide you the best product.

Indoor Pool with Heated Concrete Floors
Heated Concrete Pool Deck
Heated Concrete Flooring

The Energy Cost of Heated Concrete

One of the main benefits of heated concrete is its ability to cut down on your energy cost. Due to the widespread placement of the coils and the ability of the concrete to retain more heat, less is more. Heated concrete does not only provide warmth to your feet but instead it provides a natural ambient feeling to the entire room.

The heat that radiates from a concrete floor is more efficient due to the movement of energy and the widespread of the coils versus a simple vent. In most home, central air systems provide heated vents on one side of the room, forcing air up to the ceiling before sucking it down out another vent on the other side. Air-based systems mean heating often occurs unevenly on different sides of the room and requiring you to increase the energy you are putting in for more returns.

Heated concrete heats the entire floor evenly, and the result is a better spread of energy. With the heat moving from the entire floor, upwards, it leaves a room feeling much warmer on a quicker scale. By installing a heated concrete floor in your building or even exterior, the results are a comfortable feeling, a heated room, and a lower energy bill. Due to advances in technology and our expert laying techniques, heated floors also last significantly longer than other heating systems.


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