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Stamped concrete is the flatwork imitation form of popular paving materials such as cobblestone, brick, and slate, to name a few. However, stamped concrete surpasses the quality and durability of the traditional forms of creating a walkway, driveway or patio. Stamped concrete is more versatile, economical and lasts much longer.

Unlike masonry pavers or natural stone, cement offers a larger number of options to match each individual need because it can be shaped, imprinted, textured and colored to your taste! Basically you get to pick the stone you like and the impression is pressed in the concrete, its that simple, and stamped concrete can be blended harmoniously with just about any landscape design.

How to maintain stamped concrete:

Decorative stamped concrete is valuable due to its strength and endurance, but with the harsh winters we face in the Fort Collins Area, it will need some upkeep. Like conventional concrete, stamped concrete will provide years of enjoyment and service with proper maintenance.

A clear seal will be applied to your stamped concrete at least 28 days after pouring. This time allows the concrete to cure before applying clear seal. This makes the surface stronger and more resistant to dirt, oil and grease stains, and other substances. Even properly sealed stamped concrete requires routine maintenance, depending on usage. Occasional cleaning with a mild detergent or power washing prevents dirt buildup. Avoid using deicing salts, especially during the first winter, and always remove freshly fallen snow. You can maintain the shine and luster in the future by applying a new coat of clear seal every year or two.

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Concrete isn’t just grey anymore! Our colored concrete comes in a wide array of shades to complement your home, landscaping, and the natural colors around Loveland, Fort Collins, and the rest of Northern Colorado. We will work with you to find the right color or stamped style to match your decor.

Color variations will occur when colored concrete is added onto, replaced, or poured at a different time next to existing colored concrete. Sometimes a crack may occur outside the control joint, but it is NOT recommended to try and replace this section due to the mismatching of color that may occur.

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Old, cracked, flaking or just ugly concrete can be replaced very easily with the right tools. Removal of old concrete is the best way of knowing that you have a structurally sound slab. Our demo process includes breakup of concrete, loading, hauling and disposal.

A-Concrete, Inc. can create a new concrete slab that will be durable and long lasting. Our knowledgeable staff will work with you to customize your job. Whether big or small, we’ll build to suit.

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Heated concrete is an added feature to create a warm floor for both your outside or inside concrete surfaces. It can be installed using either heated water or electric coils to provide heat.

With the installation techniques that A-Concrete, Inc. provides, we give you the highest efficiency from your heated floor.


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