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What is Stamped Concrete?

Stamped concrete is the imitation form of popular decorative paving materials such as cobblestone, brick, and slate, to name a few. However, stamped concrete surpasses the quality and durability of the traditional forms of creating a walkway, driveway or patio. Stamped concrete is more versatile, economical and lasts much longer.

Unlike masonry pavers or natural stone, cement offers a larger number of options to match each individual need because it can be shaped, imprinted, textured and colored to your taste! You get to pick the stone you like and the impression is pressed in the concrete, it's that simple, and stamped concrete can be blended harmoniously with just about any landscape design.

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How to maintain stamped concrete:

Decorative stamped concrete is valuable due to its strength and endurance. Like conventional concrete, stamped concrete will provide years of enjoyment and service with proper maintenance.

A clear seal will be applied to your stamped concrete at least 28 days after pouring. This time allows the concrete to cure before applying clear seal. This makes the surface more resistant to dirt, oil and grease stains, and other substances. Even properly sealed stamped concrete requires routine maintenance, depending on usage, such as removing the snow at the time of snowfall. Avoid using de-icing salts, especially during the first winter after your concrete is poured, as these products will decrease the longevity of your concrete. You can maintain the shine and luster in the future by applying a new coat of clear seal every year or two, but with proper care, sealer will last past 5 years.

Why Stamped Concrete?

If you are looking for an alternative choice to popular paving materials with the durability traditionally offered by concrete, stamped concrete is the only option worth considering. Stamped concrete applying laying techniques to add textures to your newest project, mimicking such materials as cobblestone, brick, slate, flagstone, and even wood. With a variety of these patterns and more to choose from, our technicians can walk you through how the stamping process is perfect for you. Stamped concrete is perfect for creating a textured or patterned look you may desire while also offering an outstanding level of durability unprecedented in traditional materials. This technique will take your concrete to the next level, leaving your neighbors' traditional broom concrete in the dust! Our stamped concrete provides any walkway, driveway or patio with the flair of patterns but lasts much longer. Like all of our concrete, when properly cared for, this material can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years.

Due to our laying techniques and technician expertise, stamped concrete offers any of your projects a more affordable and versatile option for your personal or professional construction. Unlike select forms of material that are limited in scope, stamped concrete offers more diverse options. Combined with our coloring services, your concrete can be shaped, imprinted, textured and given a hue to match your desired taste. The customization behind stamping means your concrete is uniquely yours! With countless options for you to select, all our projects are customized for your personal interests and desires. An excellent source of variety, stamped concrete provides you a more flexible method for tying together your landscape, atmosphere, and construction.

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The Process of Stamping Concrete

The stamping process for concrete can be a quick addition to any laying process. Adding textures occurs after the initial concrete cap and post coloring but before sealing. When laying a color, we take two factors into account: what color is the concrete and what texture do you want? These two factors help us with the laying process. When stamping concrete, we have specific mats used to add the different textures and patterns. After the laying, we smooth over the concrete before adding the mats as a means of pressing the texture onto the newly poured slab. Our team will handle the entire process, using years of expertise in laying colored and stamped concrete to ensure an even spread of finish across the surface. The result is a texture that accents each square of your new concrete and provides you the satisfied look of a new home feature with the durability of A Concrete, Inc. based pouring.

Maintaining Your Concrete

Maintaining Your Concrete

The beauty of working with A Concrete comes from our years of experience and the willingness of our technicians to cater to your needs. We offer great service, excellent prices, and outstanding results. One of the biggest pieces we always work with is helping teach our clients how to maintain their new concrete. Due to the multifaceted layers and patterns laid in your stamped concrete, the proper care is of importance because it prevents excess minerals entering the grooves. Caring for decorative stamped concrete is similar to the care of many other forms of concrete we offer. Due to its strength and endurance, our stamped concretes last for years when properly treated and maintained. The best way to maintain your stamped concrete is to apply a clear seal at least 28 days after it is poured. Waiting this time allows the concrete to cure before the seal is applied. The curing helps the concrete to become more resilient and resistant to dirt, oil, grease stains and other substances that cause harm. Even with initial sealing, it is important to keep routine maintenance a part of your stamped concrete care. Wash with mild detergent or power washing to prevent sediment build up. Deicing salts should be avoided in winter as they can get stuck in the grooves. Freshly fallen snow should be removed as soon as possible. By applying a clear coat to your concrete every two years, you can maintain colors, hues and textures for up to 20 years.


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